Ragouzeos  Inc.

                           NMR  Spectroscopy



504 Heater Dr.

Cary,  NC.  27511

(919) 345-0921




Hunter College, New York, NY.
B. A. Chemistry 1967

New York University, New York, NY.
Masters Program 1969


Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Durham, NC.
NMR consultant.  1995 - date.

Chimerix, Inc., Durham, NC.
NMR consultant. 2003 - date.

King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cary, NC.
NMR consultant. 2001 - date.

Cirrus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Morrisville, NC.
NMR consultant.  2006 - date.

Targacept, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC.
NMR consultant.  2006 - 2008.

Nufarm Americas, Inc., RTP, NC.
NMR consultant.  2007

Xsira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., RTP, NC.
NMR consultant. 2001 - 2006.

Ardent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC.
NMR consultant.  2000 - 2006.

Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Durham, NC.
NMR consultant.  1997 - 2003.

OSI Pharmaceutical, Durham, Inc., NC.
NMR consultant.  1998

Burroughs Wellcome Co., RTP, NC.
Synthetic Organic Chemistry.  1967-1970
Analytical Chemistry (CHN, IR, UV, GC).  1971-1975
NMR Spectroscopy.  1976 - 1995

Professional  Services and Responsibilities:

   •  Structure elucidation and spectral assignment by NMR spectroscopy in support of
a wide range of pharmaceutical research and IND and NDA submissions.

   •  Maintenance of Varian NMR instrumentation, including troubleshooting, meeting
performance specifications and replenishing cryogens.

   •  Writing NMR, UNIX and robotic automation software for the setup, shimming,
acquisition, presentation and archival of NMR data.

   •  Development of user-friendly, menu driven systems for spectrometer operation
with accompanying help files and instruction manuals.

   •  Maintenance and upgrading of Solaris and Linux operating system software.

   •  Maintenance and upgrading of NMR software, including managing system and
user macro, menu and pulse sequence libraries.

   •  Writing NMR and UNIX scripts to backup NMR data to tape, hard drive and CD/DVD.

   •  Maintenance of NMR operating parameters sets, probe files, shim sets and lock parameters.

   •  Maintenance and programming of Varian sample changers.

   •  Instructing staff in instrument operation.

Publications  and  Presentations:

J.J. Huang, Aris Ragouzeos, J.L. Rideout, "A Novel Synthesis of 3’Deoxy-3’-nitrothymidine
via Nucleophilic Substitution with Nitrite Anion", J. Heterocyclic Chem., 32, 691 (l995).

J.J. Huang, Aris Ragouzeos, J.L. Rideout, "Preparation, Structural Characterization and Acid-Catalyzed Isomerization of 3-, 7- and 9-Benzyl-6-benzylthiopurines", J. Heterocyclic Chem.,
, 1685 (l994).

Ann E. Aulabaugh, Ronald C. Crouch, Gary E. Martin, Aris Ragouzeos, John P. Shockcor, Timothy D. Spitzer, R. Duncan Farrant, Brian D. Hudson, John C. Lindon, "The conformational behavior of the cardiac glycoside digoxin as indicated by NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics calculations.", J. Carbohydrate Res., 230-2, 201 (l992).

Aris Ragouzeos, Ronald C. Crouch, Jean L. Miller, “Interface of Zymark Laboratory Automation System with a Varian FT-80 NMR Spectrometer.”, Third International Symposium on Laboratory Robotics, Boston, MA., October 20, 1985.

R.C. Crouch, B.S. Hurlbert, Aris Ragouzeos, "An Iterative Linear Method for Calculation of
Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times.", J. Magn. Reson., 49, 371 (l982).

J.L. Woolley, Aris Ragouzeos, D.A. Brent, C.W. Sigel, "Sulfonamide Crystalluria: Isolation and Identification of Sulfamethoxazole and four metabolites in urinary calculi.", Curr. Chemother. Infect. Dis., Proc. Int. Cong. Chemother., 1, 552 (l980).

G.A. Freeman, L.M. Beacham, Aris Ragouzeos, "A Reinvestigation of the Dichlorination of Thymidine.", Synth. Commun., 10, 685 (l980).

D.A. Brent, P. Chandrasurin, Aris Ragouzeos, B.S. Hurlbert, J.T. Burke, "Rearrangement of Chloramphenicol-3-monosuccinate.", J. Pharm. Sci., 69, 906 (l980)

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